Lawn & turf choices


As the demand for high quality, purpose grown seeded turf continues to grow Everfarm Turf use Barenbrug and DLF Perryfield seed mixtures. These two companies have proven to be world leaders in grass seed production.


Three grades of turf are available throughout the year, details are as follows: -

Premier I


  • Show house grade.
  • Top quality cultivated turf, fine in appearance, dense textured yet tolerant of close mowing.
  • Suitable for luxury lawns – moderate wear tolerance.

Premier II


  • Utility turf – our most popular grade.
  • Cultivated utility turf. A blend of dwarf ryegrass, fescues, bents and smooth stalked meadow grass for low maintenance.
  • Suitable for high quality domestic lawns, cricket squares, tennis courts, fairways, etc. Drought resistant and easy to establish. Popular with Garden Centres for its handling characteristics and superb year round colour.

Premier III


  • Economy turf.
  • Down graded from the Premier I and II grades. Strong and easy to lay.
  • Suitable for budget schemes or industrial landscaping.

An exciting new turf is now available called "Premier Xtreme" this turf, despite being fine leaf in appearance, is extremely hard wearing and drought resistant and can be close mown (5mm) as well, making it an attractive alternative to the standard type of turfs.


Top Soil

Everfarm Turf also supplies two grades of quality, screened top soil. The grades of top soil vary depending on the time of year. If you are interested in this product, please contact us and we will confirm exactly which grades are currently available.


Turf Laying Process

The photographs below show one of the many properties we have added value to. The four photographs give a brief insight into the turf laying process that our specialist team carryout. It is important that the area is fully prepared before a new lawn can be laid. The process is usually completed in one day. (If required, spraying-off of an existing lawn may be carried out 2-3 weeks prior, for a better result).