Lawn & turf maintenance advice

Your Everfarm Turf lawn will increase your property value significantly. With proper care it will remain a great asset providing beauty, a clean playing surface and an overall improved environment.

Everfarm Turf set out the following recommendations for the maintenance and aftercare of all their grades of turf as follows: -


  • During the first 2-3 weeks, the only maintenance work necessary is to ensure that the turf is adequately watered and mown. This will allow rapid establishment without shrinkage. Should the turf start to grow quickly during this period, it is recommended the grass be topped off either with a hover mower or a cylinder type mower, set at 25-30mm high. After the initial establishment period, regular mowing can begin.


  • Reduce the mowing height gradually. Approximately 3mm plus new growth should be taken off at any one mowing and a maximum of 25% of total growth in one cut. Take the mowing height down to approximately 8mm for the Spring/Summer months and 25mm for Autumn/Winter. During late May and June it will be necessary to increase mowing to 2-3 times a week and not less than once a week during the Spring/Summer period generally, even though the area may not be in use. Always box off the clippings.


  • During the Spring/Summer months scarify the whole area in varying directions as and when necessary until November. This action will invigorate grass growth, remove fibrous material in the bottom of the sward and prevent prostrate growth of some of the grasses.


  • Following the initial establishiment prior, rolling will be necessary during early Spring just after the frosts. However, rolling should be kept to a minimum since the mowing will provide surface firming.


  • During the Spring/Summer months it will be necessary to treat against infestation of broad-leaved weeds. A proprietary brand of selective weed killer should be applied at the recommended rate.


  • With regard to feeding the turf, it will not be necessary to fertilise the area immediately. There should be sufficient nutrients remaining in the soil from the base dressings that were applied before the turf was laid (if laid by Everfarm Turf). If however, you feel your turf would benefit from a general ‘Weed & Feed’ treatment, please contact Everfarm Turf for details.