Preparation and care

All turf delivered by Everfarm Turf will be of the highest quality. However, newly laid turf benefits from the correct preparation of the ground and suitable care and attention during its establishment period.


Our specialist team can remove an existing lawn and install a new lawn with the minimal amount of time and fuss. Turfing your lawn allows you to enjoy instant beauty and maturity without the usual time consuming hassles of seeding.


During the initial stages, it is important that you measure the area of your planned lawn correctly, instructions are as follows: -


Measuring & Ordering


With a tape, measure the area of your planned lawn. Include these measurements on a sketch of the lawn area, with the length, width and any unusual features. Please contact Everfarm Turf who will then determine the exact amount of turf you will require.


Schedule your order for delivery of turf after preparatory work is completed and you are ready to install. Prompt installation on the day of delivery is crucial to a strong beginning for your lawn.


Everfarm Turf specialises in providing the highest standard of turf laying. Our specialist team will remove the existing lawn, fully prepare the area and lay the fresh turf. We have a solid reputation for quality service at a fair price. If you have visited our ‘turf choices’ page, you will have seen (from the photographs) what high standards we achieve.


Please contact us to find out how little it will cost you for that plush, weed-free lawn you have always wanted


Our contact details are as follows: -



Alternatively, please complete the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page for an immediate reply.